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livestream production

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Live Streaming has become an essential element for performances and events, engaging an audience in an entirely new way and opening up more opportunities for international recognition.

Stagestream Live is on the technical forefront of this growing industry and stands out by lending artistic sensibility to production, working closely with technicians and those on stage to create a unified and organic artistic product.


Why go live?

Because it is streamed in real time, a live streamed performance versus a pre-recorded one makes an audience much more willing to enjoy an entire online performance without the temptation to click away. It becomes an event to gather your family for, not something to scroll past.


Stagestream Live’s past streams have maintained a 95% audience retention rate (95% of the viewers stayed for the duration of the performance).


Industry leading unobtrusive technology.

Unobtrusive and small 4K cinema cameras, professional mics, and seamless integration into a venue’s A/V system if needed facilitate a beautiful stream which doesn’t disturb the audience.


Our compact mixing station integrates into even the smallest of venues, and wireless connection between cameras and the mixing station means fewer cables on the floor.


Artistic intention.

Livestream production is an artform just like cinema. Our suite of sliding, craning, and roaming cameras are crosscut organically and can be choreographed to follow a musical score or programme by the director.


Infinite flexibility.

Stagestream Live doesn’t offer packages. Unique events require unique cinematography and we’re here to help you decide the best configuration for your space. Stagestream Live also supports video chat, video playback, and even external streams from our own e-AV kit or anywhere else.

Customizable text and graphics.

Award winning animators on our team don’t use templates and animate from text and graphics from scratch which integrate into the stream. Use our existing suite of graphics or have a custom one made. 


Stream to a real platform.

It’s easy for someone to miss a stream if it’s just a loseable link or published on a site which isn’t regularly visited. is a free no-signup site which brings audiences together to browse curated upcoming streams and enjoy additional information like promotions or programmes. Being featured on the site comes included with Stagestream Live productions which meet the standards of our advisory panel. Streams can also go to Facebook Live, Instagram Live, a custom website, or any other service.


Archive and edit.

High quality streaming means high quality archiving. Independently recording cameras can be edited together after the fact for an online or DVD release. 

Welcome to is a platform where audiences gather to browse curated free, paid, and by donation live streams from the arts community and beyond.


By working with Stagestream Live, concert presenters, organizations, and individual artists alike can reach a wider audience and bolster their own live online presence. Stagestream Live delivers a fully customizable experience for the marketing, purchasing, and viewing of events with our one of a kind Stagestream Live Viewer.

As well as the platform, Stagestream Live offers professional in and out of venue livestream production, using industry leading technology to create cinematic results. Prioritizing artistry and sensitivity, the Stagestream Live team works closely with performers and production teams to create an immersive online experience.


livestream production

Professional multicam live stream production with artistic intent for any event or show.

Run a multicam livestream

from your home

With virtually no setup, get a klit operated by a remote technician to stream professionally from your living room.

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