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Run a professional livestream

from your home

Welcome to the Stagestream Live kit. Custom constructed after months of r&d, it's no bigger than a briefcase yet livestreams at professional quality, fully remote controlled over the internet by a technician.

The kit contains everything you need.

1: Place the cameras and the microphone in your room - no connecting cables or messing around with settings.

2: Plug the kit into your wifi router and power.

Fully remote controlled.

A Stagestream Live technician sets up and runs the livestream, switching cameras, adding text, imbedding a video chat, or playing introduction videos remotely over the internet. After placing the cameras and the mic, the artist never has to touch the kit again.

Over the phone support.

A Stagestream Live technician can be available over the phone to give advice, run a dress rehearsal, or to resolve any questions.

CD quality audio and full HD video.

The only limit is your internet speed. The good news is that if you can watch Netflix, your internet is probably good enough to stream from home.

Audience interaction and video chat.

Either stream directly to a platform like YouTube, or facilitate interaction by linking up to video chat software like Zoom or Discord. 

An example of video quality from a Stagestream Live Kit on an average internet connection.

Who is this for?

Live performance: An artist can stream to an online audience in a beautiful way even if they are stuck at home or live in a remote location .

Masterclasses or teaching: A teacher can stream an online masterclass or lesson interacting with students, with  CD quality audio and cameras positioned to demonstrate technique.

Welcome to is a platform where audiences gather to browse curated free, paid, and by donation live streams from the arts community and beyond.


By working with Stagestream Live, concert presenters, organizations, and individual artists alike can reach a wider audience and bolster their own live online presence. Stagestream Live delivers a fully customizable experience for the marketing, purchasing, and viewing of events with our one of a kind Stagestream Live Viewer.

As well as the platform, Stagestream Live offers professional in and out of venue livestream production, using industry leading technology to create cinematic results. Prioritizing artistry and sensitivity, the Stagestream Live team works closely with performers and production teams to create an immersive online experience.


livestream production

Professional multicam live stream production with artistic intent for any event or show.

Run a multicam livestream

from your home

With virtually no setup, get a klit operated by a remote technician to stream professionally from your living room.

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