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• Exaudi me Domine quoniam benigna est by Samuel Friedrich Capricornus (1628-1665)
• Stabat mater (Pianto della Madonna) by Giovanni Felice Sances (1600-1679)
• Toccata prima by Johann Kaspar Kerll (1627-1693)
• Dominus possedit me by Giovanni Felice Sances
• Rosenkranz Sonata No. 1 “The Annunciation” by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704)
• Salve Regina by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (Arr. Domen Marinčič)
• Sonata (in Bertali) by Samuel Friedrich Capricornus
• Omnes sancti angeli (Holy Easter Concert) by Antonio Bertali (1605-1669)
• Suite in A-Major by Gottfried Finger (ca. 1660-1730)
• Quidquid agam by Pavel Josef Vejvanovský (ca. 1633-1693)
• O bona crux Pavel by Josef Vejvanovský
• Jauchzet dem Herrn alle Welt by Samuel Friedrich Capricornus

Mobility has always been part of a musician’s profession. Ensemble Phoenix Munich takes a look at the impact of Baroque composers who chose to work at the Habsburg courts. Included are virtuoso solo motets by Giovanni Felice Sances, the Salve Regina by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, sacred works of Pavel Josef Vejvanovský and solo works for viola da gamba and lute by Gottfried Finger from Olomouc. The musician's life is a traveling life!

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